Canon EOS 1Ds User Guide

Canon EOS 1Ds User Guide

Here is the place to Download Canon EOS 1Ds User Guide / owner manual instructions. Canon EOS 1Ds dimension are 156 x 157.6 x 79.9 mm (6.1 x 6.2 x 3.1 in.) and mass is 1,265 g (without a battery).

Canon EOS 1Ds is a full-frame 11.1-megapixel digital SLR camera body made by Canon in the 1Ds series, this EOS model released on 24 September 2002.

Canon EOS-1Ds Specification and major features summary

  • Canon EOS 1Ds User GuideProfessional EOS Digital SLR
  • Magnesium body, environmentally sealed, based on EOS-1V
  • Integrated battery compartment / vertical hand grip
  • 11.4 megapixel CMOS sensor (primary colour filter)
  • Full frame sensor, no field of view crop / focal length multiplier
  • Output image size: 4064 x 2704 or 2032 x 1352
  • JPEG (Fine/Normal), RAW (12-bit)
  • Simultaneous RAW+JPEG mode (saves RAW plus either Full size or Half size JPEG)
  • Maximum burst speed of 3 fps for up to 10 JPEG frames or 10 RAW frames
  • Option to also record a JPEG file when shooting RAW
  • ISO 100 – 1250 in 1/3 stop steps, ISO 50 available from a custom function
  • ISO sensitivity bracketing
  • Same 45-point AF as EOS-1V
  • Response time similar to the EOS-1V – 57 ms shutter release and 87 ms viewfinder blackout
  • Evaluative, Partial, Center-weighted, Spot and Multi-spot metering
  • Shutter speed range: Bulb, 30 – 1/8,000 sec (1/250 sec flash X-sync)
  • Aperture range: F91 – F1
  • Noise reduction can be enabled for exposures 1/15 sec or slower
  • IEEE 1394 (Firewire) connectivity
  • CF Type I or II (inc. IBM Microdrive)
  • Hybrid Auto White balance combines external white balance sensor and main sensor
  • White balance bracketing
  • Up to three parameter sets: tone (gamma) curve, sharpening, JPEG compression ratio
  • Selectable ‘colour matrix’ settings define colour space (sRGB / Adobe RGB) and balance
  • 21 custom functions, 26 personal functions, which can be stored into ‘function groups’
  • Bracketing of exposure (shutter / aperture), white balance and ISO sensitivity
  • Voice annotation capability (built-in microphone)
  • Illuminated status LCD’s
  • Supplied RAW conversion application (File Viewer Utility)
  • Supplied remote capture (tethered operation) software
  • Double battery charger

New features / updates since the EOS-1D

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  • Full-frame 11 megapixel CMOS sensor
  • Continuous shooting down to 3 fps, max 10 images
  • ISO range 100 – 1250, ISO 50 selectable from custom function
  • Noise reduction takes effect from 1 sec (1/15 sec for the EOS-1D)
  • Personal functions can be set via in-camera menu
  • JPEG compression now represented as numbers rather than a ruler
  • FAT32 filesystem support for Compact Flash cards greater than 2 GB
  • Playback magnification now available
  • Images can be tagged with a unique ‘signature’ for use with Data Verification Kit
  • Improved battery life (thanks to CMOS sensor)
  • Fastest shutter speed down to 1/8,000 sec (1/16,000 sec for the EOS-1D)
  • X-Sync speed down to 1/250 sec (1/500 sec for the EOS-1D)

Digital Camera Canon EOS 1Ds User Guide – Owner Manual Instructions

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